Tuya Inc Top Stories

Are you following the top global IoT platform – Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA)? Here’s the latest stories for Tuya Inc. 

Tuya Smart Releases an All-In Bluetooth Development Capability 

Tuya Smart, a leading global IoT cloud platform, announced its latest developments in Bluetooth technology. It supports connection approaches such as point-to-point, Bluetooth mesh, and broadcast Bluetooth. The company also provides SDK development, MCU common connection, and SoC development-free solutions.    

Tuya Smart Launches Tuya Beacon to Empower Intelligent Transformation Across all Scenarios 

Tuya Smart launches Tuya Beacon, a cost-effective, easy to deploy, remote-controlled, and developer-friendly Bluetooth protocol. The Bluetooth Beacon relies on Bluetooth LE to create short-pulse wireless connections. It can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously.   

Products Empowered by Tuya Smart Design Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021  

The WL2 Smart Camera and two voice remote controls stood out for innovative design and clean style. Tuya Smart’s industrial design team has helped many brands to choose from the elegant designs they have initiated. They received iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design. 

As Pandemic Eases, Smart Trends Take off in North America

Tuya Smart is witnessing strong growth in the North American IoT market for itself and its customers in 2021. Consumers who postponed smart home installations in 2020 are fulfilling planned purchases in 2021 as 30 million additional households are forecasted to acquire smart systems. 

Tuya Smart Trends Continue to Rise in North America Despite Unprecedented Challenges 

Thirty million more homes are expected to buy smart home systems this year. Tuya Smart continues to see significant growth in the North American IoT industry in 2021 for its clients. Consumers who delayed smart home installations in 2020 will make them in 2021, according to the company. 

Tuya Embraces a Growing IoT Market in North America as Pandemic Eases 

Tuya Smart, a worldwide leader in IoT cloud platforms, sees an ever-growing North American IoT industry trend for itself and its clients in 2021. As business resumes in North America, many companies consider whether to return to in-office employment, work remotely, or use hybrid strategy and consider the use of smart technology. 

Tuya Smart Trends Shaping the Future of IOT Industry in North America 

Tuya Smart, a global leader in IoT cloud platforms, experiences increasing North American IoT industry growth in 2021. Consumers who delayed smart home installations in 2020 will make up for the lost time in 2021 as 30 million more homes are expected to buy smart systems this year. 

Tuya Smart Sees Upward Smart Trends in North America as Pandemic Restriction Eases 

As pandemic restriction eases, Tuya Smart continues to see an upward trend in the IoT market in North America. As consumers embrace the new normal, they have seen the importance of smart home technology. Based on the Strategy Analytics report, the global consumer spending on smart home solutions is projected to rise to US$123 billion in 2021 and reach US$173 billion by 2025. 

Tuya Smart Continue to See a Growing Smart Home Technology Market in North America 

Tuya Smart and its clients in North America have experienced a growing trend in smart home technology. Among the companies that realized the impact of smart technology are BAZZ and SATCO. In addition, Tuya Smart will continue to help more customers in North America.